Thursday, June 2, 2016

When life got in the way

Write when inspired.

Something I promised myself since the beginning of this thing. To never half-ass a single thought, feeling, article, or yes, even a seemingly meaningless blog post.

So here I am, nearly half a year later finally feeling ready to tackle this thing.

If it seems like I disappeared for awhile, it's mostly because I did. Dreary winter days and a devastating blow from the good 'ol corporate world had me and my family in shambles for awhile. The girl with the broken heart and living in her pajamas in a puddle of tears? Yeah, that was me.

There were days when I desperately wanted to run away, because in some ways, it's what I do best. But if there was one selfless thing I did this year, it was staying right where I needed to be, helping to tackle things bigger than my dreams and my backpack.

And when things weren't sad, they were unbelievablyyyy happy. So happy that my black heart was slowly being fused with color again. Little by little by little.

I took a few trips for my health and my sanity (I know.. poor me). 

En route to Las Vegas, Nevada

Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado

Isla Mujeres, Mexico

I worked hard (ok not that hard) at jobs that I love more than any other thing in my life at the moment. 

I was a mere 30 miles away as my best friend welcomed a new and precious life into the world. 

And to top things off, I stood happily at my sister's side as she married the brother I always wanted. It was my favorite moment in my entire life and it didn't even belong to me.

And in those moments, I learned that even the worst of our problems really were small comparatively. And that despite some really, really bad days, we truly do have nothing but things to be grateful for. And what we found were (literally) brighter days. The sun is shining, we're smiling, and maybe most impressive of all is that we've all managed to get out of bed AND shower on the same given day. Every day. Progress is progress, and even those seemingly bad days were wins in my eyes.

I can't really say where we'll be next week, next month, or a year from now. Whether we'll be together, apart, or on opposites sides of the planet per usual. But whatever we do, we'll make it just fine. Just like we always do.