Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Ode to Italy, Adventures, and heading home!

I did it again. I let my blog fall to the waste side. Not because I don't enjoy writing, but because I've been busy, lazy, and have trouble committing to anything for more than a year (sigh).

But I'm back. And I'm forcing myself to write about my time in Europe, because I never want to forget the way I feel in this moment. 

So how do I feel exactly?  Fortunate. So damn fortunate. 

My time here has been equal parts lazy, busy, and adventure-filled. A life combo I particularly like, and live for. I've found a new love for cappuccinos, my travel soul sister (brain twin!!), and have had some of the grandest adventures in all of my 27 years. Since I arrived, I've spent every single week traveling. Every. Single. One. That means 2 continents, 12 countries, and more cities than I would ever want to count. To new cities in Italy, nearly every country nearby, and places I thought were some of my very long distant and wildest dreams. From the alps, to the colosseum, to riding camels through and sleeping in the Sahara desert, to name a few. This experience feels almost unbeatable by anything the future holds, but I'm sure going to try.. 

And when I'm not traveling, I've been surprisingly lazy, which I feel is well-deserved and necessary for my sanity. Some trips into the city, learning (very few) Italian words, a coma-like state of sleeping in daily (AMEN), and late afternoons of making a 7 second commute to teach english (ehem play) to two of the coolest 5 year olds I know. Two passports and fluent in two languages? I'm jealous. Beyond jealous. 

Our lives typically revolve around barbies, legos, questionable hairstyles, and most recently, playing memory and go fish, a newfound favorite. It's been so much fun playing big sister to these two beauties, and I'm so thankful I found another incredibly generous and wonderful family to share this experience with. If I said my life was hard here, I would be lying. A LOT :). 

And beyond that, I've been simply (or not-so-simply) figuring out my next move. I had two amazing (and couldn't-pass-up) job offers in the states, but both fell through for separate reasons. I don't know if I believe in fate, but the amount of relief I felt about still being able to travel, made both of my decisions feel like right decisions. So beyond flying home in 3 weeks, at the moment, I have no definite plans. Yep, you read that right. NO PLANS. 

So, cheers to spontaneity!

Maybe I'll relax on beaches in Mexico, hike through Central America, or teach in South Korea. Maybe I'll do none of it or all of the above. But for now, I'll enjoy my last days in this beautiful place, soaking up the every bit of happiness I've felt throughout my time here. I'll make the most of every moment, and for the first time in too many years, I'll be home for Christmas!