Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Happy 6 Months NZ and see you soon Wisconsin!

It's been 6 months since I moved to New Zealand, and non-coincidentally, the greatest 6 months of my entire existence. 

It took me years of heartbreak and a life-long dream to travel the world to get here, but I did it. 

I found my perfect place. 

And I am happy.

My weeks are busy juggling 2 jobs, learning to cook the perfect steak and puree (ok mostly just consuming it), and undoing years of eating 10 cent chicken wings through daily walks and pilates classes. It's essentially a lot of sunshine, a lot of playing, and me falling more and more in love with the 3 little munchkins who give me so much joy and purpose. 

Rough day at the office 

Fancy dinner out? Nah. Just a night in the Edwards household. 

Daily walks in the neighborhood

On the weekends, I'm off tackling my almost never-ending list of adventures in the North Island. These consist mostly of beaches to see, hikes to complete, and little islands to snorkel and explore. We are never short of outdoor activities here in Middle Earth, and it's my goal to do as many as humanly possible while I'm here. 

I'm getting there... 

Summit hikes aren't so bad...

... especially with views like this

Post Climb: Mount Maunganui

And while life is so (SO, SO) good right now, the reality is that this can not and will not be my life forever (insert sad face). In fact, it's only my life for another 4 months (insert huge sad face). This became scarily apparent when I booked my one-way ticket home just a few short weeks ago. Now everything I do is with an end-date in mind, and that, to me, is heart-wrenching. As you know, goodbyes are never easy, but are especially sucky when they are completely out of your control. Thanks again government for that dagger. 

But along the sadness come all of those happy and overly excited feelings. I struggle daily with being totally ready and equally never wanting to leave. Is it even possible to have such polar-opposite emotions simultaneously?

Apparently so, for anyone curious.

So here's the plan. Ready y'all?

I scored a $200 (!!!) ticket to Fiji where I will be reuniting with my family after an entire 15 months apart (aka forever in Peterson terms). We will spend 2 weeks in paradise before I fly home and reunite with everything and everybody else that I love on June 19th. This means cheese curds, cheap beer, concerts, BBQ's, weddings, road trips, and my very best friends :). And all in time for summer time!

So until then, please send your happy vibes my way while I cope with my eventual goodbye and transition back to life in the midwest. Pray that I remember how to tip, drive on the right side of the road, and that my life and relationships pick up easily from where they left off two years ago. 

It's been an incredible 6 months in this country and a truly unforgettable 18 months now on the road. Finding happiness and living out my dream has been all that I could have hoped for and more. Signing off for now and enjoying the remainder of my days in this beautiful place. 

And I can't believe I'm saying this, but I'll see you soon Wisconsin.