Monday, April 14, 2014

Week ONE: Family Reunion in Oz. Roos, Beer, and Beaches.. oh my!

For many people, airports are the biggest pain-in-the-ass places in the entire world. It means crying babies, shitty food, and absurdly long lines for security checks. And while the airport world can be painfully annoying, it also deserves a fair share of credit, in my opinion. 

You see, for me, airports mean travel, excitement, and chasing what at one point seemed like a far and distant dream. It means passport stamps, smiles, and the joyfully discovering the unknown. And on this day, just a few weeks ago, it meant one of those overly dramatic, tearfully-filled, long-overdue reunions. 

On March 31, 2013, I was offered the job that would bring me here and thus forever change my life. And while I knew that the sacrifices would be plenty, I excitedly accepted anyway.

And on the same day in 2014, I reunited with the family I so sadly had to leave behind. 

Good thing I made this brilliant sign, because I don't think that would have recognized me through my tear-stained face otherwise.

So, I apologize for disappearing from the blogging world for a few weeks, but I was extremely busy happily entertaining those 3 very important guests. And while I took my short hiatus from writing, I filled my time "working" (barely), and exploring my beautiful city and surroundings. And because we did SO much, I will spare you the longest blog entry of all time, and start with week one.

Caversham Wildlife Park: Where you can find everything Oz! Kangaroos, koalas, wombats, tasmanian devils, snakes, etc. It's actually tourist heaven. And while I hardly consider myself a tourist in a city that I now live in, I never get sick of getting my hands on these furry creatures. 

Where you can take acceptable selfies with kangaroos... and feed them too :)!!

And take family photos with wombats...

Kings Park/Perth/Fremantle: A park with beautiful trails, and views of the city skyline and Swan River. And two of my favorite neighboring cities in which I often split my free time between. 

Me and my sister at Kings Park

Palm trees. In the city. This never EVER gets old. 


Lazy days at Coogee beach with my girls and family. How AMAZING it felt to have ALL of the people I love the most in one place.

Quiet nights at home with everyone under one roof. JUST when I got my parents off of my back about grandkids... this has to happen...

Trying Kangaroo for the first time at Little Creature's Brewery in Fremantle. Flavorful, but too chewy for me! A hell of a lot better than vegemite though :)

Down South (Busselton, Margaret River, Dunsborough): This is wine region. Here you'll find HEAPS of wineries, breweries, chocolate, markets, and BEAUTIFUL Western Australia beaches. 

Where we went to a lot of these... and drank wine, wine, and MORE wine.

And drank HEAPS of these. I said "I love beer" just short of 23,908 times in this week alone. It's true though, I really love it!

... and fell in love with views like this.

I'll have eggs, toast, and an ocean view for breakfast please!

And on our way home we made an impulsive stop in Busselton, where we road a train across the 2 kilometer long jetty and took an underwater tour. We then caught a beautiful sunset on the beach. 


Waiting for our train

Which traveled along this extremely long jetty to get to the underwater observatory

And capped off the wonderful weekend with this MAGIC. I feel there are few better things than a relaxing sunset on a quiet west coast beach. 

Week one was a great one, but I'd argue that week two was even better. With more sunsets, more beer, and a trip to the STUNNING Rottnest Island, it was definitely a week for the books. 

A BIG thank you to my family for making the long and VERY pricey trip to Western Australia. It was the perfect taste of home that I needed.

And a special thanks to my second family for so lovingly welcoming us all into your home <3. 

Stay tuned for a post on our amazing trip to Rottnest Island coming soon!