Thursday, August 1, 2013

Say what? I'm moving back to Beaver Dam?

The unthinkable has happened... I'm moving back in with my parents.  Crazier yet, I'm moving back to Beaver Dam. Okay, it's only for two weeks, but still. The next 19 days will be spent doing nothing but saying goodbye to family and friends, packing and sunbathing daily :). rough life, I know.

As you know, this week has been EXTREMELY difficult as far as goodbyes go. My identity is so wrapped up in my work that I can hardly even picture life not doing what I do now. Time to start picturing it though, as it all ends tomorrow :(. Life as I know it is officially changing. But change is GOOD, I hope.

The more I think about it, I am crazy. I really am crazy. It's great to step outside of your comfort zone. Believe me, I know that. This is an entirely different story though. I essentially gave up the city I know and love, two jobs and 5 kids that have forever changed my life, a boy that I loved, and 93% of my belongings to live with people I know very little about and have never formally met in real life. No, I'm not having second thoughts. I'm just tired of people telling me that they understand or that everything will be fine, when in all seriousness most of these people I'm referring to would never have the guts to go through with anything like this. Please just understand where I'm coming from and how hard it is, or at the very least, just let me be and don't say anything unless you truly have experienced a similar situation. No, you traveling with your friends for a month or two is NOTHING similar to this. why not? 1. you had friends. you had somebody with you. 2. you didn't leave your life behind and have no clue where to begin again when and if you return. 3. you still owned things. and far more than a suitcase or two worth of stuff. so just stop. it's not the same. not even close. the amount of life changes I've gone through in the last few weeks is more than 98% of the people I know could handle. Special thanks to those of you who do truly understand and who have been a constant support throughout my struggles in the past few weeks.

I've been granted permission to talk about one of the most randomly awesome encounters of the summer and another example of the irony that is my life.  It's not everyday that you find a random person at bar time, steal their pizza (and eat all of it) and get to talking. What did I notice immediately besides his handsomeness? His ACCENT. and you'll never guess what accent it was. You got it kids, Australian. SWOON. Of course he lives in the states and I'm moving there. Irony, at its finest. Anyway, turns out he has a pretty cool life. One I could only dream of, in fact. And thankfully he has been one of the only people to keep me truly grounded in this whole situation. Because he UNDERSTANDS. When I say, "I'm worried I'll miss out on things here", he reassures me that it will be other people missing out on things, and that I will be the one experiencing new, different, and arguably better things... things that will forever change me. The best part is, he would know. He's lived all over the world, moves every couple of years, and has "missed out" on plenty. And guess what? He doesn't regret any of it. And that gives me so much peace.

I've had a few of these random meeting of strangers in the last couple of years that have made me feel like people really come into your life when you need them. This might just be another example of one of those situations. Plus I got free pizza, a $100 robe, and an addiction to chive out of the whole ordeal. Special thanks to the yoga lady who so kindly accepted Aussie's money and to Aussie for giving me a new and ridiculously overpriced robe to bring to the homeland :)!

Time is dwindling and Australia is quickly approaching. I can't believe this is really going to be my life. Easiest job on earth for the next year? Beach life daily? Sunny and 75? Pool in my backyard? Free vacations? New Zealand adventures and fireworks in Sydney on my birthday with my best friend? You're right. I have nothing to worry about. Bring it on Australia. Bring it on.


  1. make friends online, Making traveling to other countries much more social. Find someone who has a spare room or a friend to show you around. Promote your town or event.

  2. Thank you. Luckily I've been putting myself out there and meeting TONS of people. Thanks for the tips and for reading and commenting. I really appreciate it :).