Friday, August 23, 2013

Making the big move!

August 20th:

Well, today was an extremely hard day and the biggest test to my faith in this whole situation yet. It was my final goodbye, and of course it was the hardest of them all. Saying goodbye to the two people I love more than anything else in the world was heart wrenching. I apologize to the people who watched me with tears streaming down my face during security checks. Sorry I still have no clue how to keep it together after 25 years of life.

I walked away trying to remind myself of all the reasons I decided to do this in the first place, but really I was thinking, "What am I doing? Am I strong enough for this? I'm now officially alone". I sat down at my seat still in tears trying not to think about what I had just committed myself to and was then overwhelmed by the support and love shown by everyone via texts, phone calls and social media. And then I realized, that even from over 10,000 miles away, I still have hundreds of people back home I can always count on. I am literally in tears reading all of your sweet messages and well wishes and feel completely at peace with my decision to do this.

My emotions have been borderline unstable the last few days, and if I could legally diagnose myself as crazy, I would. I am terrified, sad, anxious, happy, excited and hopeful, all at the same time. If that's not a recipe for an emotional breakdown I don't know what is.

But now, as I sit here waiting to board my 15 plus hour flight to Melbourne, I am getting so so SO excited. I could cry at the thought of what an amazing experience I am about to have. What am I worried about? Everything will absolutely be fine, and I'm going to have a life not many people have at 25, or ever for that matter. Pushing back a "normal life" for this adventure was potentially the best decision I've ever made. Plus, I'm already surrounded by people with accents, so that's refreshing :). If you know me at all, and my obsession with accents, you probably have no problem believing that I've already fallen in love 3 times since Chicago. I think I will be just fine.

August 24th:

Of course I am feeling infinitely better from just a few days ago. I'm happy, calm and still too excited to sleep! First let me start by saying you don't know exhaustion until you've traveled for 35 hours straight and then need to adjust to a 13 hour time difference. Woof. Luckily though, I'm young and my body bounces back from borderline toxic situations pretty easily. Fly time, which was a total of 25 hours, was much better than expected, and everything else went well, all things considered. I landed in Perth to be greeted by Ben and the girls. I instantly felt better. Finally, someone I recognized, even if in reality they were still strangers too. Even better yet was the drive home where I was surrounded by palm trees and beautiful modern houses everywhere. It reminded me a lot of what you would see in rich California. So far, in my two days here, I have drank lots of wine, eaten delicious meals, swam in the ocean, drank amazing Australian beer (arguably better than my beloved fat tire), been extremely loved by Lola and Emilie, and spent a considerable time with their current french au pair Juliette, who is so incredibly marvelous. Needless to say, it's been an amazing few days and I feel completely at ease being here. I unfortunately have no pictures to post as of yet, but promise to be better about bringing my camera or phone with me on any adventures in the next few days. This weekends tasks include: going out for a big family breakfast, go shopping, learn to drive on the opposite side of the road, and try vegemite. Stay tuned :)!


  1. Hey Jerrica,

    I am planning on moving to Australia in February under the 1 year working visa. I'm planning on going by myself because all of my friends are working or in school and no one could come. I planned on doing all of this because of a bad break up and I just need to get away. I was just wondering did you go by yourself? Did you have a job before you left? Has it been easy to meet people? Or any other tips?

    Thanks, Caity

  2. Great to hear from you! Not sure if you've read any of my recent posts but things are going great! I did decide to go by myself.. much for the same reasons. My 5 year relationship was failing and I wanted to get away and start over. I left my two jobs for this opportunity. Have you considered being an au pair at all? It's nice because you won't have to worry about paying any bills and you get to know and experience Australia a lot easier thanks to the family you live with and work for. My family is taking me on a vacation with them next week to the Great Barrier Reef (many perks to this job!!!).I only moved here 3 weeks ago but recently joined a group for nannies/au pairs in the area and have met quite a few people through there. They have tons of groups like that you could join as well. Take the big leap! You won't regret it. Do you know where you will be moving to yet and when you will be moving?

  3. Yes I have been reading your recent posts! It sounds like your having a blast! I love hearing stories about young women in their 20s making the leap and going somewhere unexpected! It gives me hope that I will be able to do it!! No I have never even heard of an au pair before I read your blog! It gives me a lot to think about. Decide whether I want to spend my time in one place or do it the hostel way!! I haven't decided where to start or end, kind of thinking about starting in Sydney and then make my up the gold coast to Brisbane. I kind of applied for my visa and am making myself go. I'm hoping to go for February. Where are you living now?

  4. good to hear! you won't regret it, I promise :). I'm living in Western Australia (Perth area). Good for you for going for it. It's a pretty big decision and a tough one to go through with. Be brave though! Even when you have breakdowns about leaving and you are scared out of your mind.. just go for it. Can I ask how you came across my blog? Exciting to see people I don't know reading them :). Been trying to get my name out there for awhile! Thanks for reading. I really appreciate it. If you have any other questions. Please let me know!

  5. I'm so glad I ran across your blog! I am currently in college and graduating with my Bachelor's degree in December. January I will be moving to New Zealand to au pair for a wonderful family for 1 year (I just found out last week!). I am soooooo excited, but sometimes I am scared at the same time. I can't wait though :) It will be nice to follow your blog and to see what experiences you have and how you get through them. I'd love to hear more about preparing/packing for the big move...that's a big fear of mine! Haha....I know I'm going to want to bring more than I should! If you have any other tips, throw them at me...I'd love any advice! :)

    1. SO excited to hear you are moving to be an au pair too! It's a HUGE leap of faith and a major life decision that not many other people understand. It's terrifying. Really terrifying before you go. And of course sad to say goodbye to your loved ones. Good to you for committing for a year too! It'll give you the best sense of the culture and let you get the most out of the experience. Plus from what I hear.. New Zealand is stunning. I was actually considering doing New Zealand for my next au pair job :). I am headed there for 10 days during Christmas time. It's a shame we'll miss each other by a little bit. What city are you moving too? I packed two big suitcases full and will be sending one home when my parents come to visit so that I am able to travel afterwards. I could get it all in one suitcase.. but it was over the weight limit :/. Remember! Don't bring too much. You can always buy stuff there. And it'll be great weather by time you're going so pack light :). I'd highly recommend bringing one large suitcase. And really.. the best advice I can give you is to jump in with two feet and be prepared for the best experience of your life. I will post a blog in the next few days about my daily life with some pictures so you can get a better sense of how happy you will be! Follow me if you aren't already so you can read it :). Thanks and best of luck!!

  6. republic of georgia! I was born and raised there. if I could suggest an awesome place to visit that would be #1 but that comes with a bias. if you do a little research you may fall in love with it too! happy travels!