Tuesday, July 16, 2013

I need a therapist

The hardest thing about having days that really make you feel alive again, is having days like that end.  Why is it that every time I meet new people, I end up with a million new hilarious stories and am left wondering if this is how fun life should always be. Even worse than great days ending though, is going home sick, hungover, bruised, sunburned, severely underwhelmed by real life, and with literally a thousand things to do.

So what exactly should I be doing instead of blogging? PACKING. But here I am doing what I always do when things bother me or make me sad. AVOID. AVOID. AVOID. As if putting it off any longer will delay the inevitable. Suck it up, Jerrica. Get rid of your things. They're just THINGS. Say goodbye to your people. They're just people. You'll be back. But apparently...

Caring too much is definitely one of my biggest flaws as a human being, which really makes this week especially difficult. You would think after years of being let down that I would eventually learn to stay emotionally unattached from everything... people, places and possessions. And up until this week, I really thought I was. Turns out though that I was wrong.  That's right.  I'll say it once, and never again. I WAS WRONG. You were right friends. I DO CARE. And I apparently care a lot. It doesn't help that every little thing I own reminds me of something better though. Everything I own has some sort of sentimental value. And to go from having a million things to practically nothing is a little overwhelming. My car, a couple suitcases, and my money is all I have left to my name after this week. YIKES.  But in the same respect, you never realize just how little you need to survive, and that's a wake up call that I'll never forget.

A little shout out to all of those who have said such kind things to me about my blog after last weeks entry. I've heard words thrown around about me that I typically don't associate with myself: brave, inspirational, and crazy. Brave and inspirational are the two I'd really like to address. While I'm super flattered by the use of such strong words, I really don't like the idea of them being used to describe me, because I don't feel like I'm quite deserving of them.  So please be easy on using such nice words on just a slightly adventurous girl like me. Perhaps these are coming from people in unhappy situations giving a credit to me where it isn’t necessarily due. Anyone, even you, can change the unhappiness in your life. Don’t like your job? Quit. Unhappy relationship? Leave. It really is as simple as that. Of course actually following through with what I’m saying is a little more difficult. But it really is as simple as eliminating the things that make you unhappy. YOU. CAN. DO. IT. TOO! 

Crazy? Now that's a word I'll happily accept.  I pride myself on being a little weird, obnoxious, sassy, spunky, wild, and a yes, even a little bit crazy (in a good way mostly). Here's an example: Normal people picture their wedding day as walking down the aisle in an overpriced white dress (that probably shouldn't be white) in front of 200 of their closest family members and friends. Crazy people picture their wedding day as eloping in Vegas with a stranger who just happens to be their soulmate. Guess which one I am? You've been warned Mom :). THANK you all so much for your kind words. I've been in tears for days over all of the replies from everybody. 

Thanks for reading! PS if anyone has tips on packing for a year, good books to read, apps to download, or how to sleep on a plane, I'd greatly appreciate it. xoxo!

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  1. Hey Jerrica,

    I finally got around to reading your blog, it was very inspiring. I am seriously thinking of quitting my job now and traveling the world! oh ya, I can't I have too many bills....oh well, it was a nice thought for a second!

    Your day has almost come for you to start a new chapter. But not until we go to the Styx, 38 Special and Grand Funk Railroad concert!! Looking forward to spending some time with you!

    Love you!